Lead Daycare Teacher

Claremore Children's Center

Claremore Children's Center

Administration, Operations · Full-time
Claremore, OK, USA · Chelsea, OK, USA
Posted on Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Lead Teacher has the responsibility of providing general supervision and management for a classroom of children as well as the supervision of assigned employees and volunteers in the classroom. Lead Teacher plans and facilitates developmental activities as part of a comprehensive program for children's physical, cognitive, emotional and social growth, so children can reach their highest potential.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

Programming Responsibilities

  1. Plan and facilitate a daily program of care and activities for the assigned classroom.
  2. Contribute to the effective operation of the overall childcare program.
  3. Develop and implement daily/weekly activity plans using the Project Approach. Responsible for the arrangement of space, setting, and materials in the classroom and with outdoor equipment, to ensure a safe clean, orderly child centered learning environment, and consistent daily schedule for children's calm, comfortable and successful participation in the program. Individualizes programming according to children's interests and developmental goals.
  4. Document and assess the children’s individual progress and the progress of the group.
  5. Hold formal Family-Teacher Conferences two times a year and provide informal communication opportunities for families.
  6. Create Weekly Family Newsletters and maintain a Family Resource Board in the classroom.
  7. Establish an Open Door Policy with Families that offers daily verbal and/or written feedback for families on their children’s progress and encourages family participation in the educational process.
  8. Promote a multicultural and anti-bias approach to learning and to the center environment. Show respect for each child’s culture and background and their personal uniqueness.
  9. Collaborate with Center Director and Administrative Staff in the supervision and training of Assistant Teachers. Monitor Assistant Teachers progress in all areas of their performance.
  10. Regularly support and encourage family participation in center activities.
  11. Establish and maintain developmentally appropriate, safe and nurturing learning environment according to program educational philosophy. Oversee housekeeping procedures within the classroom and in common areas as assigned. Monitor center sanitation procedures and promptly report any maintenance concerns to the Director.

Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Observe and share information regarding child’s activities and experiences with parent/guardian.
  2. Notify the Director of the classroom supplies and needs.
  3. Practice emergency evacuation procedures monthly and maintain Fire and Safety checklist.
  4. Assist with record keeping, respond to inquiries directed to the Center, and perform other administrative and programmatic duties as assigned.
  5. Assist in center compliance with all regulatory requirements, including child care licensing requirements, USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program regulations, NAEYC accreditation standards and program’s policies.
  6. Participate in and prepare for classroom and center staff meetings, family meetings, family conferences and center promotional activities as necessary or assigned.
  7. Arrange for own substitute whenever possible and arrange for Assistant Teacher substitutes when needed.
  8. In collaboration with other Center staff and in accordance with established and agreed upon schedules, provide program lead teacher coverage as needed.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  1. Model and supervise for all Assistant Teachers and volunteers assigned to their classroom, in collaboration with the Director. The Lead Teacher plans for the ongoing development and training of all staff and volunteers under their supervision.
  2. Assist with evaluation of classroom staff, including Assistant Teachers and volunteers. Monitors assisting staff progress in all areas of their progress in all areas of their performance and provides written and verbal feedback to Center Director as well as the assisting staff.
  3. Coordinate team-planning meetings as needed.

General Responsibilities

  1. Ensure the safety and physical well-being of the children.
  2. Coordinate snack and meal planning, preparation and clean up in accordance with state licensing guidelines.
  3. Provide recommendations and referrals of children with special needs.
  4. Develop and implement parent/guardian/family volunteer experiences.
  5. Attend parent or childcare committee meetings as needed.
  6. Maintain a professional working atmosphere and confidentiality of information in relation to staff, children and families.
  7. Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Center Director.